InLiner boards are a laminated low lambda, high density mineral wool slab finished with a Gyproc plasterboard lining that can offer excellent fire, thermal and acoustic performance.


InLiner Boards are a laminated insulation plasterboard product. This means that, unlike most mineral wool slabs, the plasterboard that the installer usually has to apply to the wall after they install the mineral wool, is already laminated onto the mineral wool. The mineral wool is super dense, semi-rigid and high performance meaning that it is perfect for pitched roof application on rafters. InLiner Boards are 62.5mm thick and is 2400mm × 1200mm. InLiner A has been developed where a fire rated performance is not required and InLiner F has been developed where fire rated pitched roofs are a regulatory requirement.

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A quick guide to InLiner

The most advanced pitched roof solution is here

1. Counterbattens typically recommended for roof drainage

2. Low Resistance roofing underlay (<0.25 MN s/g) under vapour permeable finish
(i.e. natural slates or concrete tiles) per BS 5250

3. ISOVER Metac 031 high performance insulation between joists

4. Vario Intelligent Membrane applied to ceiling

5. InLiner A or InLiner F 62.5mm mechanically fixed on framing at 600 or 400 centres

Excellent Thermal Performance 0.032

Excellent Acoustic Performance 53dB* 

Protects Timber from moisture damage

High density rigid mineral wool slab

Easy Installation and durable mechanical fixation

*Acoustic testing undertaken on a Separating Party Wall.




Typically recommended for roof drainage


Roofing underlay

Low Resistance roofing underlay (<0.25 MN s/g) under vapour permeable finish (i.e. natural slates or concrete tiles) per BS 5250



ISOVER Metac between joists


Vario Membrane

Vario Membrane applied to studs/rafters


InLiner A / InLiner F

ISOVER InLiner A or InLiner F 62.5mm mechanically fixed on framing at 400 or 600 centres, using 55mm InLiner Spacing Screws in the insulation in addition to fixing the face of the board at 200mm centres with a 90mm dry lining screw


Access hatch to unheated eaves void must be sealed, vapour tight and insulated to match knee wall. Alternatively continue insulation and VARIO down pitch roof as best practice for more safe and thermally efficient installation per BS 5250 and BS 9250. Carefully install VCL at head of knee wall to maintain continuity.

*InLiner F has been tested at 400 and 600 centres in accordance with EN 1365: Part 2 for Resistance to Fire for 30 minutes in a pitched roof application. 

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Hit the ground running with our detailed installation guide
and datasheet for InLiner A and InLiner F

Thermal Resistance: 1.61 m²K/W

Benefits and Features

High Thermal Performance Insulation W/mK 0.032

Excellent Acoustic Performance helps to substantially reduce rain, wind and traffic noise to provide increased levels of acoustic comfort within a home 

Resistance To Fire tested in accordance with EN 1365: Part 2 for 30 minutes resistance to fire in a ceiling application

Reaction To Fire B-S1-D0

Quick & Easy To Install a laminated mineral wool board to reduce installation time on site and allow for installation of both mineral wool and plasterboard at the same time

Fully Compatible with the ISOVER Vario system. Please note that where used as a secondary insulation, the primary insulation between the frame must have at least double the thermal resistance of the InLiner based on the one third rule

Vapour Permeable Breathable Insulation improves energy performance and reduces heating costs, while allowing the fabric of the building to breathe when a suitable vapour control layer is in place

Standards & Certification

We hold a Quality Management Standard EN ISO 9001: 2008 for manufacturing

All products are manufactured in accordance with the CE marking requirements under the Construction Products Regulations

Product Standards 
All our products are manufactured in accordance with EN 13950: 2014

ISOVER is an ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System) accredited manufacturing facility. This accreditation ensures that all products are manufactured to the stringent standards set out by this management system. EN ISO 13162 EMS 551706 003 BS EN ISO 9001: 2015

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Acoustic & Thermal Regulations

Acoustic & Thermal regulations vary according to building type and location.

Here are useful summaries of the regulations that are in place for residential buildings for both Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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