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Is Your Attic Adequately Insulated?

Many homes already have some insulation between the joists. If your attic insulation is in poor condition, it is advisable to remove this and replace with new insulation. We recommended at least:100mm thickness between the joists - this is your first layer. If there is already attic insulation in place between your joists, the easiest option is to use Heatshield TopUp insulation roll. This is a high thermal performance insulation in 140mm thickness. It can be rolled out across the joists, so it’s really easy and quick to install. Adding Heatshield Top Up gives an extra 140mm of extra insulation above existing material - and becomes your second layer. For the best thermal performance where space is an issue, we recommend using our Metac high-performance mineral wool.


The current building regulations require a U value of 0.16 for attic floors. The U Value is defined as the rate at which heat is lost - and the lower the U Value, the better it is for your home. For help in achieving this U value, please contact our Technical team by clicking here.

Before you begin - here’s a checklist…

  • Secure stairs or ladder to your attic
  • Board or plank to stand on - don’t stand between joists as your foot may go through the ceiling!
  • Protective clothing - face mask and gloves • Lighting source in your attic - but if you have run a cable, please make sure that it’s secured and doesn’t cause a trip hazard
  • Pipes and tank insulation covers 
  • Ventilation points –check the eaves to find the ventilation grills

For further information on this application or the ISOVER products optimised for this purpose, please refer to our Residential Solution Guide, which can be downloaded here.

You can also download our 10 Step Insulate your Attic guide, here.
ISOVER provides a full range of solutions for a wide range of floor insulation scenarios. If the information you need cannot be found here, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Team by following this link.