Dry Lining Solutions
A problem typical of older Irish houses is ever-increasing heating costs without corresponding increases in temperature and comfort. Insulation was not a priority years ago and efficient thermal insulation materials were not readily available. We are all aware that today’s building standards don’t accept such inadequacy in insulation – and in the future they will be even less tolerant. Modern techniques and products have been developed that eliminate drafts and ensure comfortable internal conditions.

But what if you have an older home? Older houses are considerably less energy-efficient, wasting heat year-round through poorly insulated walls and rarely achieving sufficient warmth in the winter. That’s why we’ve developed OPTIMA, to address the need for easy to use and cost effiecient renovation and insulation of external walls, from the inside. The OPTIMA range and Isover insulation products all provide excellent thermal and acoustic performance.

The average residential home can lose up to 30% heat loss through external walls & OPTIMA Drylining system offers a simple solution – Quick & Easy to install & Cost effective. OPTIMA is the 1st NSAI Certified DryLining System in Ireland - a high performance drylining system for insulating new and older houses from the inside that significantly improves thermal and sound insulation. Together with Vario System it also improves airtightness and moisture control. OPTIMA conforms with and beats current regulations for thermal insulation performance, as illustrated by the below chart.
Optima Standards

For information on the products within the OPTIMA range, please click on any of the Optima product images at the bottom of this page. To download our OPTIMA brochure, please click here.