Masonry Wall
With up to 25% of heat loss in Irish homes attributed to external or separating walls, insulating these walls is an excellent step in improving your control over the heat and comfort you enjoy in your home, not to mention providing cost savings on your heating bills. Isover provides a expert solutions in terms of Dry Lining Cavity Walls, Hollow Block Walls or Concrete Brick Walls, as well as a range of solutions for Full Fill or Partial Fill scenarios. Click through for more information on Masonary Wall insulation applications.

For further information on this application or the ISOVER products optimised for this purpose, please refer to our Residential Solution Guide, which can be downloaded here.
ISOVER provides a full range of solutions for a wide range of floor insulation scenarios. If the information you need cannot be found here, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Team by following this link.