The ISOVER Vario® System is an intelligent airtightness and moisture control system. The system comprises of a range of intelligent membranes, tapes and sealant.

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What is the ISOVER Vario® System?

The ISOVER Vario System is an intelligent moisture control and airtightness system. This moisture control and airtightness system comprises of a range of intelligent membranes, tapes and sealant.

It adapts to the climate and protects your building against moisture and dampness, inside and out. Airtightness also protects the building fabric against damage, helping to maintain its appearance and extending the building’s life.

Why do we need Moisture Control and Airtightness?

A building is subject to several unpredictable and tough weather constraints. The challenge is to provide an efficient and sustainable structure adapted to the surrounding environment, while ensuring comfort and lasting use for its occupants. One of the keys to success is the creation of a perfect building envelope, using the synergy of an effective insulation solution and a complete airtightness

An airtightness system paired with a moisture management system enhances the indoor air quality and the preservation of a building. This is achieved by controlling air, water and water vapour flows especially around thermal bridges, electrical outlets, plumbing penetrations, lighting fixtures, etc. It also improves the efficiency of heating and ventilation systems. Ventilation provided by irregular opening of windows and doors is not sufficient.

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Key Benefits for Building Owners


Energy efficiency

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face. How can we change our habits concerning energy consumption? First steps are to use sustainable technologies and to save energy.


Thermal comfort

The interior environment of buildings has become increasingly important. Providing protection from cold and heat is not enough – we also expect fresh air and excellent thermal comfort.


Building protection

One of the main reasons for producing an airtight building is to protect the structure against dampness originating from air leakages. The following two processes lead to the transmission of water vapour.



Healthy building environments are achieved by a high level of comfort, through a controlled fresh air exchange. How can an airtight building shell with controlled ventilation achieve this aim?

Standards and Certification

We hold a Quality Management Standard
BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 for manufacturing
All products are manufactured in accordance with the CE marking requirements under the Construction Products Regulation
All our products are manufactured in accordance with product standard: BS EN 13162: 2008 and BS EN 13172 Evaluation of Conformity
ISOVER is an ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System) accredited manufacturing facility. This accreditation ensures that all products are manufactured to the stringent standards set out by this management system. EN ISO 13162 EMS 551706 003 BS EN ISO 9001: 2000
Awarded the highest standard in indoor air quality - Eurofins “Gold Standard” Label. The Gold Certificate means that ISOVER mineral wool is certified as an outstanding material in terms of Indoor Air Quality emissions regulations
Fire Performance Euroclass classification of the product is related to the organic content, which cannot increase with time. Thermal conductivity of mineral wool products do not change with time, experience has shown the fibre structure to be stable and the porosity contains no other gases than atmospheric air. (See std EN13162:2012 Annex ZA,Table ZA.1) Will not accelerate corrosion with steel, copper or aluminium. Will not sustain vermin, nor breed or promote fungi or bacteria

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