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Control, Protect & Breathe - Just like the ISOVER Vario System

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Just as runners play it smart with breathable clothes, you can play it smart with the ISOVER Vario® System and control the airtightness and moisture in a building.

So, what’s the similarity? Both marathon runners and buildings need breathable, high-performance clothing that is specifically designed to regulate moisture when functioning.

This enables them to perform and to be comfortable. It means that a runner can control their body heat in all types of temperatures. For a building, it means that the structure can prevent airtightness and moisture inside and outside, whatever the weather.

What are the benefits of the ISOVER Vario System for my home?

In an era of high fuel bills and concern about energy efficiency, a quality insulation and airtightness system is more important than ever. Heat lost through the fabric of a building can be substantial, resulting in higher fuel consumption, which means higher heating costs.

Vario®, together with mineral wool insulation, lets you choose whether to make your building an energy liability or an energy asset. Choosing Vario® allows you avoid energy loss by living in a sustainable, comfortable home and increased energy efficiency, which in turn leads to lower heating costs.

Applying the ISOVER Vario System to your home

Vario at home

So whether you are planning to go with a timber frame, masonry or steel frame construction for a new building or dwelling, select Vario®: the leading, complete high performance intelligent airtightness & moisture control system.