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How can I reduce the impact of extreme weather on my home heating bills?

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At ISOVER, we specialise in insulation, airtightness, and dry lining solutions. Our mission is to consistently provide customers with energy-saving and cost-effective solutions, addressing the challenges they face when heating or cooling their homes.

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In assessing man-made influences on energy efficiency and insulation usage, including enhanced thermal and acoustic regulations, we've observed another factor influencing our customers' decisions this year. The choice to install increased insulation, like our Metac and Comfort high-performance insulation ranges, address airtightness with the Vario system, or deploy the OPTIMA Dry Lining solution in a renovation scenario, has become crucial.


Ireland experienced both extremes in weather this year, raising the question of whether this is an outlier or a potential pattern.

Irelands Adverse Weather

Adverse weather events, such as Hurricane Debbie in 1961 and the bitterly cold winter of 1963, have occurred in the past. However, the frequency of extreme weather events has been relatively milder since the turn of the century, with many other adverse events occuring in the last 23 years.

Despite this, the recent fluctuations, from hosepipe bans brought in due to heat and drought to significant snowfall events like "The Beast from the East", make it challenging to determine if this is a one-time occurrence are a sign of future trends. One certainty is the increasing pressure on fossil fuel stocks, affecting the cost of heating or cooling homes, irrespective of weather extremes.


Whether facing the extremes of 2023 (the hottest summer on record) or the milder weather of the early 21st century, there's a growing need for energy-efficient solutions. Earlier this year, we explored how insulation plays a key role in keeping homes cool in warm weather, a fact supported by regulatory bodies like the SEAI. Considering these factors, insulating your home becomes crucial to weathering extremes and keeping heating and cooling costs low.

What Do We Offer?

Isover provides various insulation products and renovation solutions, such as our Metac roll, Optima Dry Lining System, and Vario Airtightness & Moisture Control System. These can be combined to significantly reduce the cost of heating or cooling your home.

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