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How to ensure your home is winter ready for the cold season

Winter Checklist

Here is our winter-ready checklist; helping you get ready to save energy and money this winter.

1. Are your windows properly sealed?

If seals are loose or panes are cracked, you could experience serious drafts and extra costs on your energy bills

Winter ready

2. Ensure your roof shingles are not missing or broken.

If leaks are coming through your roof, this could be a sign of more serious underlying damage that should be addressed.

3. Is your roof adequately insulated according to the Building Regulations?

Ensure that your roof is adequately insulated according to the Building Regulations in Ireland (New Build U Values: 0.16 Pitched Roof / Renovation U Values: 0.25 Pitched Roof). Having your roof insulated correctly enables your home to protect the building fabric and deal with the high moisture levels and condensation.

4. Check your Attic Insulation.

If your attic insulation is in poor condition, it is advisable to remove this and replace with new insulation. If there is already attic insulation in place between your joists, you can simply top it up with our Comfort 35TopUp insulation roll to ensure the best thermal performance.

Watch this video to learn more about attic insulation: 

Winter Insulation


5. Are your Walls and Floors also insulated correctly?

Create a healthy indoor environment by installing high thermal performance insulation in your external and internal walls and floors.